Lab Members

Dr. Lezon is an Assistant Professor of Computational and Systems Biology and Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the Executive Director of the Computational Biomedicine and Biotechnology (CoBB) Master of Science program at Pitt, and the co-director of the Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) core for Pitt's CTSI. Dr. Lezon teaches Introduction to Computational Structural Biology and Foundations in Computational Biology. Personal Web Page

Alex DiBiasi

Alex DiBiasi

Undergraduate in Systems Biology

(Case Western Reserve University)

Computationally modeling a bispecific antibody-based immunotherapy

Watch Alex's Virtual Intersections talk on his project
Ron Nafshi

Ron Nafshi

Undergraduate in Mathematics & Computer Science

Predicting drug synergies using probabilistic matrix factorization

Watch Ron's 2021 GLBIO presentation
Read Ron's paper on his research
Shaun Parimoo

Shaun Parimoo

CoBB MS Student

Modeling drug combination response surfaces

Lab Alumni

Cemal Erdem, PhD

CPCB PhD Student (2012-2018)

Andrew King, PhD

Undergraduate in Bioinformatics (2012-2013)

Morgan Essex

TECBio REU (2013)

Stephen Provencher

Undergraduate in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering (2016-2017)

Michelle Situ

Undergraduate in Bioinformatics (2017-2018)

Derek Alton

Undergraduate in Mathematics (2017-2019)

Glenn Mersky

Undergraduate in Mathematical Biology (2018-2019)

Feng Guo

Visiting Scholar from Tsinghua University (2017-2019)

Malcolm Large

Undergraduate in Bioinformatics (2018-2019)

Jian Cui, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate (2019-2020)

Emeka Amadi

Undergraduate in Bioinformatics (2019-2020)

Mengli Zhou

Visiting Scholar from Xiangya School of Medicine (2019-2020)

Apoorva Balaji

Undergraduate in Computational Biology (2020-2021)

Abish Pius

CoBB MS Student (2021)