Membrane ANM

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Source C code from the paper Constraints imposed by the membrane selectively guide the alternating access dynamics of the glutamate transporter GltPh (Lezon & Bahar.  Biophys J 102:1331 (2012)) can be found on my membrane ANM page. The software is useful for calculating equilibrium dynamics of proteins that are embedded in coarse-grained membranes, and for incorporating rigid blocks into ANM calculations.

For those who are more comfortable working in python, or on a non-nix operating system, these methods are also incorporated into the ProDy software package as membrANM.

Parallel ANM

Source C code from the paper Modeling global changes induced by local perturbations to the HIV-1 capsid. (Bergman & Lezon. J Mol Graphics Modelling 71:218-226 (2017)) can be found on the ANMMPI page. This software is useful for constructing ENMs of very large protein complexes, such as the HIV capsid.