Global motions of the nuclear pore complex

The following links are to pages showing animated GIFs of the slowest modes of various coarse-grained NPC models described in Lezon T, Sali A and Bahar I. PLOS Comp Biol 2009 (submitted). Two views are shown for each mode, along with the weight (reciprocal eigenvalue) of the mode, scaled by the weight of the slowest mode. Non-degenerate modes are highlighted in yellow. Colors are assigned based on mobility, with red indicating the most mobile regions and blue corresponding to the least mobile regions. The exceptions are the motions of the NPC and the NPC/NE, in which the nucleoporins are color coded as in Alber et al. Science 450:695 (2007).

Uniform Mass Toroid
Uniform toroid

Non-uniform Mass Toroids
Radially dependent mass
Burial-dependent mass
Axially dependent mass

Homogeneous Spoke Models
7 spokes
8 spokes
9 spokes

NPC Models