Time: Mondays 4:00PM-5:00PM

Place: 6014 BST3 (6th floor seminar room)

Instructor: Tim Lezon (lezon@pitt.edu; 3080 BST3)

Course Requirements and Expectations

Each student will present one interesting, current and relevant paper from the literature.

Students are required to read all papers and to participate in discussions.

Grading is pass/fail. Attendance is mandatory, and students are expected to arrive on time. Students may miss one class without penalty, provided it is not the class when they are scheduled to present.

Please be aware that the presenters are your scientific peers, and the course provides a forum for discussion among scientists. Be professional. Failure to read the paper or to pay attention to the presentation is insulting to the presenter and constitutes unprofessional behavior.



Each student will be given 25 minutes to present a paper and answer questions. Expect interruptions from your classmates and instructor.

Presentations should explain the general findings of the paper at a level that is accessible to an audience of non-experts. Presenters should be prepared to answer questions pertaining to the paper that are raised by the audience. This includes understanding the supplementary information and supporting files.

Students should sign up for their presentation slot within one week of the first class. The presentation schedule will be available on the course website. Each student should select a paper and submit it to the instructor two weeks before presenting. Pending approval by the instructor, papers will be made available on the course website one week before they are presented.

Presentations should be of professional quality and are expected to include slides. Presenters should email their slides in PDF format to the instructor by 9AM (in Pittsburgh, PA) on the day of the presentation. Slides will be uploaded to the website no later than 1 hour before the start of the class.

Tips for selecting a paper